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the 5:00 news. >>> breaking news, north baltimore, i'm linda so, live at headquarters, a triple shooting kills one person, we will have details up next. >>> new information on a shooting at a nail salon in ellicott city what police found and the update on patients conditions. >>> hopefully you had a great weekend. loren lone cook has a look at traffic. >>> you felt the humidity. soupy out there. that's going to continue. temperatures will be in the mid- 90s today. we will get hotter in to tomorrow. we will feel it for the next several days. a heat advisory in effect. in effect at lunchtime today, until 8:00, you can see it here in this area here shaded in the orange color, southern baltimore, we have the heat advisory until 8:00 this afternoon, see for all the areas here shaded in the orange, as you look towards the pink areas, that is excessive warning that's in effect for those areas. we are going to be feeling it through the next several days. temperature in millersville, 74 degrees, 70 manchester, good morning to you. owings mill, 72 degrees, we are going to have the temperatures re
here in town. lowell melser joins us live from north baltimore with a few ideas. >> it you ideas. olympic fever is definitely catching around our viewing area. especially the home of michael phelps in north baltimore. there are plenty of places to watch it right here on channel levin. interestingly, less people than you might think are actually traveling to london to watch the games. >> over at union jacks, they're considered one of the go to places when it comes to big british events from the royal wedding. >> i was at work at 5:00 in the morning getting things set up. >> to the world cup. >> when england was playing in the world cup, you could not even sit down. >> they are using the british- themed of as a gathering place for the olympic games offering all kinds of food and drink specials for the opening ceremony. >> would you actually want to go to the games in person? >> tickets become very expensive. >> she says it to still want to go, air fare ranges from $1,300-$1,500 per person and an average hotel around london will run about $1,200 per person. the interest was there, b
of north baltimore, police are investigating a triple shooting. it happened near del reese park. linda so is live this morning from police headquarters with more on what happened. >> reporter: here is what we know so far, police say the shooting happened inside a house. one person is dead, two people taken to the hospital. police repond responded to 5508 at 1:30 when they got there they found two men and one mom shot. one man was taken to shock trauma. investigators were on the scene collecting evidence. they have not released a motive or the identity. we don't know yet if one of the persons who was shot was the one who had the gun. we will stay on top of the story and bring you more information as we get it. >>> bond that no parent wants to share, mothers brought toot by the first possible loss. >> many trying to find strength in one another. sherrie johnson has more on those gathers for dpreef and hope. >> this is a group of mothers of murdered sons and daughters, not a club anyone wants to be a pat of of but the members have each other to lean on. they honored those lost and welcome ne
a short drive from the aquatic club where he spent countless hours training with the north baltimore according club team. you can watch him in his first race of the london games, the 400 im. so far, in his olympic career, he has won 16 medals. he needs three medals of any color to have the most in issue. and folks here will be pulling for their hometown hero to break the record. >> i think he will be the cal ripken. having to the of great athletes like apple from baltimore is pretty significant. -- having two great athletes like that from baltimore is pretty significant. >> we are live in north baltimore, wbal, tv 11 news. >> this is your home for the olympic games. join me and jerry sandusky for -- and gerry sandusky for the olympic zone. the coastguard has rescued nine people from a boat that sank east of ocean city today. because courtesy of a call that a 38-foot boat was taking on water. the boat sank about half an hour later, and the coast guard says many of the people who were rescued were showing signs of medical distress and were taken not to be checked out. baltimore city po
impact on events around the area this weekend, we're joined live from north of baltimore. >> a little bit compared to a little bit earlier. it has dropped down to 85. all of this heat has impacted festivals this weekend and has forced the mayor to extend the state of emergency for baltimore. >> they he has gotten so bad that they held an emergency meeting over the phone to extend the executive order that declared the city in a state of emergency. after last week's storm, all of the heat, the mayor issued the executive order. the city will remain in a state of emergency for a week and will be eligible for recovery efforts. in the meantime, crews are braving the heat as they set up for this week's african-american festival. >> we will be doing some frequent hydration. you can see what people are taking it easy. >> temperatures are expected to climb well into the triple digits. festival organizers are implementing safety precautions. >> we have cooling fans so people can go. we have tens - -tensts across the festival. "they have fully powered air conditioning units to help people beat the he
in north baltimore. it happened around 10 p-m last night near eveshame avenue and northwood drive. police say the suspects fled the scene in a 20-04 silver honda odyssey.....heading towards northern parkway. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous.anyone with information should call police. baltimore police... release... new video ...of a group... of teens ... raiding ...a... downtown 7-elev/ eleven....//myranda stephens ... live downtown .../ with... how... the teens... took over the store. the incident happened march 23rd... at this 7-eleven on light street. the situation started out innocent enough... but quickly got out of control. take a look at this surveillance video. police say about three dozen students from a nearby school packed the store on a day it was offering free slurpees. but slurpees weren't the only things they got for free. you can see some of the students stealing chips, sodas, and other items. when they headed for the door - some workers tried to stop them - but things got physical. some of the employees fought back
to the special interests, it's up to you. we have breaking news...north baltimore there's been a police involved in the heart of the city's hampden neighbrohood. homicide investigators are on the ssene of the shooting which occured on weldon less than an hour ago.. police will be holding a news conference soon with more details on what happened. and we'll have more on this story as it becomes available. b-g-e releases a report that defends their response after last month's storm that left hundreds of thousands without power for days. days.karen parks... live... at... b-g-e headquarters ... downtown .../ where... she... just spoke... to officials... karen. 3 3 3 3 3 robert gouldbge spokesman 3 automatic... license... plate readers....///. tonight, .../ why... the... a--c--l--u... belives... "tag-readers"... could be ... an... invasion of privacy.... //////////////////////vo//////// ////////// "tag-reader"... cameras, .../ which re usually mounted on patrol cars,.../ scan every license plate... on... passing or parked vehicles.. / and... run the nu
. >> north baltimore, just to show you two homes that are affected. these people will not be able to their backyard for weeks because most of the tree cutters are trying to get bge up and running. we had video to show you from earlier. the area north of baltimore city and baltimore county where crews were diligently attacking the neighborhoods trying to get in the area. i did have a chance to speak to officials and they were telling me that of all the trucks that have come in from out of state, they even have 300 that have come in from georgia alone. this does not include the stuff from canada and elsewhere, but just these three hundred from georgia. i'm capt. roy taylor. >> trees in a backyard are posing a problem for george richardson. she wants these cut and cleared, but what could happen? she has a conservation area right behind her home. >> i do worry about that. they did penalize me or give me some type of a fine in this situation. >> she is allowed to clear the trees, move them from use them for firewood. >> the trees may have been in a conservation district, but she is res
... theate/ theaters...// keith daniels,... live... in north baltimore.../ where... some... moviegoers... are... cautious.. keith. keith. we're live at the ááááááááá where officers.. etc..... baltimore city police taking action..... they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high when there's a high ppofile incident..... and tonight, police say they want to be prepared. /////////////////vo///////////// police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here.... .....but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. reaction, after such a public, tragic, deadly shooting. as the investigation moves forward, violence experts, including foomer secret service agent dan bongino now a candidate for congress, try to answer the burning question about the suspected could anyone do this? (bongino) "obviously a normal functioning person with pointing a high powered rifle at someone's back understands, you're going to cause death, trauma or tragic
tonight on a decomposed body found north baltimore. e were at the wyman house in charres village... a little more than a week police investigated a badly decomposed body in one of the apartments. investigators now say the victim was 41-year-old kristie hufnagel.the medical examiner could not determine how she died......but the owner of that apartment - 67- year-old marvin white - remains in police custody on drug charges. a man who jumped from the bay bridge today was pulled out of the water áaliveá.. a witness says a man who appeared to be in his 20's was standing near a lane that was closed for construction.he then stepped up onto a guardrail and leaped off. two patrol boats were on the scene within minutes to pull him from the water. he was flown to shock trauma. no word on his condition. this is a speed camera that we found knocked off its foundation in pikesville earlier this month.tonight we've found new evidence that people are taking their anger out on those cameras in baltimore county. a camera in arbutus was spraypainted this weekend and knocked off its
. >> reporter: because it simply is what it is and many residents in the north baltimore community of lake walk are feel that way. they've been out of power since friday night and one look at the damage toward the end of the block and you can see why. snapped trees, low hanging power lines and dangling wires, a massive job some know will take time. >> my take is getting mad and upset over something like this doesn't do anything except use up a lot of energy that i don't have to spare. it's been chaotic. >> reporter: but that soon may change. bge showed up on this street today and so did the tree trimmers. work started on the dangling power lines and limbs. bge can't predict when power will be restored but it's a sign of progress many neighbors are not seeing. >> it's positive. better than no bge trucks on the street. we've heard different things all week. >> reporter: in the meantime this block will go on with its impromptu 4th of july party and hoping that it will pay off with lights in their homes by the time baltimore lights up the sky. in north baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> let's
. in some areas, power lines are still on the ground and that's case in north baltimore where downed lines could be causing problems for people living in north baltimore off mcbeth street. >> we have a lot of kids and they are coming up and down the alley and it's hazardous. lines are down and we have the trees down and they haven't came down. and you have the trees. >> a lot of people are frustrated but we will stay on it and keep track half the lines are mixed. >>> bge says they are work --track of what the lines getmixed. >>> bge says they are working hard to get the people power. >> reporter: lnda so is at b -- linda so is at bwi with what's going on today. >> reporter: -- >> linda so is at bwi with what's going on today. >> reporter: they are reporting for the 16 to 18 hour shifts. this is rob with bge. where do things stand. >> we have 108,000 customers left to be restored. we have restored well over a half a million customers in this going no a fifth day. >> reporter: today july 4th, the work doesn't stop for the guys. >> no. there is no holiday for bge. there are contractors out he
. >> this is warm but it's hot. you got about 98% humidity and 101 feeling hot. >> in north baltimore a mix of tree cutters, bge and outside crews working two jobs to restore over 150 people. >> it seems like you flip the switch because when they see us do that the lights come back on. usually it takes a few hours to get to that point. >> it's the same story, they have enough lineman but there are so many trees down that that's what's taking the time. >> high winds brought down the trees on the lines. those same gusts blew this tree into sandra buck's home. >> i'll be 70 this month. i spent saturday and sunday out here trying to get my front door open. i'm exhausted. >> her outage is complicated by this tree. special tree cutters are being called and heavy trucks can't get into the backyards to reset the pole. it all adds up to long, long days. >> what's your workday going to be today? >> 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. >> what was it yesterday? >> 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. >> what about tomorrow? >> 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. >> reporter: long days. as of today 100 more out of state crews arrived, getting the
. outdoorr.melinda roeder is live from north baltimore with pore on the heat wave... and phe hope for a coolddwn. melinda? after this long,,blisteeing hot weekend, anything under a hundred will seem almoott chilly.of course... there's worry in the air... thht the humidity could be replaced with another round of a storm.but everyone is -&look. rellef. 02:15:07 - nats of water hose 02:08:044- playing in water hosebaltimorrans spent all weekend.... baking.02:08:26 "it's hot outside." 02:44:31"evereybody's trying to stay cool... too hot to be outside."sunday afternoon... in highlandtown... and the temps - are still high.but relief could be right around phe corner.02:45:19 "i hope so. i hhpe so."((natsound of game tt transition)02:31:06 "it's hard playing this sport in 100 degree weather."the baltimore rattlers are used to taking some heat.02:30:25 "we were rrttled by the humidity y today...áándá --a dduble header.02:30:29 "we won the first game... he's still throwing strikes."someeow ttey "just drink a lot of fluids, you know."(02:33:52 - shot of drinking ice)... buu it's a bruta
lights on or anything."> ab liblive in north baltimore... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at 5. 3 and herees a look at where things our last check.... there are still more than 61- thousand customers in more than 69- thousann in er. baltimore county... and more than 39- thousand in anne arundel county.b-g-e has resttred ower to morr than 455--thousand of its customers since friday ight. governor martin o'maally says he's pushing utilities to do a better jjo at geetinn the power back on. on.the governor says a lot of progrees has been made since the storm first hit on friday.. put the governor says utility companies prediction hat 90- percent of homes will have power by friday is not good enough. the governor gave reporters an updateeon the emergency response this afternoon.. 33 meanwhile... baltimore mayor on c-n-n this orning talking about the assive powerr she hopesspeople will take care of each other during the heat wave. "ourrbiggest worry is thh peat-related deaths. thht is where weeare vulnerable. so many people, bout a quarter of the citizens arr still have
's the case we found in north baltimore. we saw the downed lines and it could be causing problems for people living off mcbeth drive. >> they are coming up and down the alley and this -- hazardous back here, see the lines down and got the trees all down. they haven't come up and down and got the trees. >> we will keep track of this when the lines are back and safe out there in north baltimore. tonight we can blame the storm for another death. officials say a contractor died after falling out of a tree in garret. it happened on monday. the contractor was removing limbs a storm damaged tree in the oakland area when he fell, 30 to 40 feet and died. he is the state's 4th storm related victim this time. >>> truck ten in west baltimore, squad 11 and truck 15 were supposed to close on sunday but then the storm hit and the city ordered them to stay in business through thursday. now they will be open even longer, today the city extended their stay until next monday, july the 9th. during this storm clean up we have been very careful to warn you about avoiding downed power lines. people don't usually
theaters. theaters. keith daniels, is live in north baltimore with more on police and that company's new rules... keith. keith. karen..... we're live at the rotunda on 41st street.. where that same "batman" movie that was tragically interuppted in colorado... is now showing......... we've seen security guards walking the grounds... and tonight, police say if there's trouble.. they are prepared. prepared. an officer is posted outside the landmark theater in downtown baltimore. baltimore city police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here. but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high following a high profile incident. (guglielmi) "we want people to know that there are extra police officers there for their added safety, added security. just want to also inform them that if they see additional resources, it's not because of anything troubling or alarming. it's just simply we want to have extra people around
on the way it lookedd.. it really could have been worse. 3 live in north baltimore, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 3 autopsies are being conducted... for 3 maryland children who drowwed over the weekend..olice say the three and an 8- year- old friend.... were pulled ffom marrhy-hope creek in federalsbuuggsunday morning.police saa the boys were playing basketball nearby... and may have gone into the creek to cool off. (last sot) "it's a tragedy. and they need to do something. they need to do somethhng. so that this ddesn't happen agaan. so that no other child has to drown or fall into quickssnd. this doesn't make any sense at all." all."police say they do nott believe foul plaa was a ffctor. usher's stepson is in grave condition this morning after a jetski accident in atlanta.there are reports that kkle glover has been declared &pbrain dead.the 11 year old an a frrend were inner tubing friday on lake lanier when a man on a jetssi lammed inno the pair.police are investigating the cause of the crash. 3&a hug turns deadly in detroit. a woman was shot when she officer while dancing at a
eyes on michael phelps as he prepares to make history again. we are live in north baltimore. >> debbie phelps watched her son for years. you cna imagine how proud she is to see him in swimming events -- and we remember when he took the gold home twice, and may make history in next week's events. if he wins three medals, he beats the record of 18. this is a "pinch yourself" moment. phelps is the favorite to win the gold. it is his last olympics. sister hillary talked about how bittersweet it will be. >> we are going in, looking forward to watching fast swimming and london. when it has wrapped up with no swim meets to attend, that is when it hits us. >> swimming events start next saturday on tv-11. you can watch phelps compete for the gold and keep track of the records on >> sheldon, thank you. we will be right >> big development at penn state, and a landmark is gone as foremen removed the statue of joe paterno. they did this i nthe wake of a report that showed the late coach concealed sex abuse claims against retired assistant coach jerry sandusky. crowds flocked to take fi
. crews battled the blaze. no injuries were reported. in north baltimore, firefighters battled another fire at robert street. the fire damaged several vacant row homes. >> more than 90% of customers who lost power have it restored. that is of little comfort to the 50,000 homes and businesses that do remain in the dark. nadia ramdass is live with more. >> we're live and charles street were many of the homes in this community are still without power. this road has been shut down since monday because of a number of downed trees, some of them sitting on live wires. crews are supposed to be coming here sometime today. one resident said that she has been hearing that for days. more than 650,000 customers have their power back on. 50,000 customers in baltimore county are still in the dark. one community has been sweating it out adjusting to no electricity. they say being power deprived for so long has been frustrating. >> i'm having to go to my niece's house to shampoo my hair. i'm going to charge my phone over there. i'm going to use her computer for a few minutes to see what has been going
."a body discovered inside an apartment building in north baltimore has many neighbors upset at management. management. 34-39"daddy was gone and still loved us and somebody took him from us." us."more details tonight concerning the tragic and senseless shooting in colorado during a midnight movie premier. premiere. tony says... says... and penn state removes the statue of joe paterno from outside it's football stadium local reaction tonight from one of several penn sttte bars in baltimore. hello i'm jennifer gilbert.a woman's body is found by police this weekend in north baltimore...days after neighbors first suspected something was wrong.paul gessler reports police are still searching for answers. answers. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 few signs remain from saturday's scene. scene. west 29th street is much quieter sunday morning, but scars remain. remain. "a girl was murdered on the sixth floor." floor." "i couldn't sleep lastnight, cause that was on my mind. mmm hmm."some people: too scared to show their faces after a body was found by police saturday. saturday. : "everybody know each other he" here
. the baltimore spokesman said a family argument brought them to weldon place north. that was late this afternoon. the first officer started to struggle apparently with the man inside. he called out a signal 13. that means he needs backup. another officer saw the two fighting on the ground with a weapon nearby so he fired his handgun. >> there was a, what we believe a knife like object in the vicinity. the officer who was being attacked did summon the other officer to assist him. he fired and he died as a result of the injuries. >> reporter: he was transport to the hospital. he was pronounced dead late this afternoon. you can see officers are still on the scene. they're going inside that home trying to process this scene. again, we're in the 1400 block of weldon place north where baltimore police responded here a few hours ago after a family dispute and they shot a man who apparently was struggling with an officer. what we understand there was a knife nearby. we will be on the scene and bring you the latest on and of course on abc2 news at 11. cheryl con next abc2 news. >>> we're goi
of those can be strong, especially north and west of town. >> baltimore city police are awaiting autopsy results that could give them more information about a body found over the weekend. officials say the decomposed body of a woman was found sunday afternoon in north baltimore in the charles village area. police say there are no signs of foul play or forced entry. officials say the autopsy should be released later this week. a man that used to work of several maryland hospitals is accused of affecting -- infecting at least 30 people in a new hampshire hospital with hepatitis c. he is accused of stealing powerful and aesthetics, injecting himself, and then refilling the syringes with saline. they relate to use on patients. he worked at the baltimore veterans medical center, john hopkins hospital, and maryland general from 2008 until 2010. those hospitals will notify patients who might have been exposed, with instructions for follow-up. new rules go into effect today for abortion clinics in maryland. clinics will have to allow -- apply for licenses and will have to abide by stricter guide
a car crash this morning in north baltimore. baltimore.this is the scene about 10-30 this morning on the alameda and 33rd street. you can see the officers patrol car... pretty banged up... the front bumper torn off... and the passengers side dented... the other car.... also had damage to the front end.the officer was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok... no word on the cause of the crash. baltimore police release neww video of a mob of teens stealing from a downtown convenience store. myranda stephens has more on why the suspects won't face charges. 3 it happened march 23rd. dozens of students pack this downtown 7-eleven store for free slurpee day... but leave out with much more. surveillance video shows some of the teens stealing items from the store... before a wave of them head for the doors! some workers try to stop them - but some of the students attack them! the owner and other employees try to fight back... but finally give up... letting the thieves go free. it's a scene that's become all too familiar in our area. last fall... a group of people were caught on
. >> for the he did not stop the residents for turning out in north baltimore. the finale was marked with a block party and a big giveaway, a house for a family who had never owned one. this is the 10th group -- year the group has given away a home to a family in need. they say it sends the message generosity is recession-proof. >> we decided it is more important to do than talk about. many people talk about wanting to do good things. we decided we could put some teeth into that and make something happen for somebody. >> adopt a block brings in teenagers from all over the nation to rebuild homes. visitors got a chance to take on groceries, clothing, and toys. >> your forecast with meteorologist john cons. -- john collins. but we mentioned rain in the forecast and a break in the heat. thunderstorms in pennsylvania. two batches. the one east is more impressive. warnings are going up. this is headed more to the south and southeast. it is not coming down to baltimore. these storms will have a tougher time getting organized. there is a front slowly working its way southward. that will eventually break
be run underground. david collins is looking into the issue. he joins us live from north baltimore with some answers. >> the answer is an expensive one. the total estimated cost for just the b.g.e. territory alone is $9 billion. based on a study done nearly 10 years ago, as much as $400 a year for the next 15 to 20 years for each of us individually. it is this verses that. melissa mason likes living in a community where all the power lines are underground. >> i was not out very long with the storm. of course, underground mines feed into the upper ground lines, which caused me to be affected like anyone else. >> maryland law requires power lines to be underground in new subdivisions. according to bge, 60% of its paralyse our underground. -- 68% of its power lines are underground. 38% are -- 32% are above ground. >> it is expensive even without challenges. >> 9,000 miles of wire to be buried comes out to $9 billion. >> it would cost somewhere between $340 and $415 per customer per year to retroactively put the wire underground. >> the study found conversion of the entire distribution
complete coverage. we begin with jessica, live with reaction from meadowbrook and the north baltimore aquatic club, the team there michael phelps swam on for so many years. hi, jessica. >> he broke a soviet union gymnast's record. he now has 19 olympic medals. and as you mentioned, becoming the most decorated olympic athlete ever. and i have to say, the pool here cleared out, as all eyes were on a screen, watching live from london. >> far from london, meadowbrook aquatic club has olympic fever. >> we love you, michael. we love you, allison. >> all eyes, glued to a live feed, as phelps breaks a record, becoming the most decorated olympian ever, with 19 career medals. >> well, it's just extreme excitement. it's just such a thrill. it is just, you know -- it's so hard to describe. it's like christmas, thanksgiving, and a birthday, all wrapped up in one. >> and the mental game is a big part of it. >> allison schmidt taking the gold in the 200-meter freestyle. >> i get very excited and i get very emotional about it. really tear up when i watch the races. >> reporter: cheering for friends i
news out of north baltimore. there was a police involved shooting in the 1400 block of weldon place north, not far from 83rd street. >>> taking a look at some of the top stories from around the nation. former police sergeant dnr -- drew peterson first got attention when his wife stays sip went -- stays sip went missing. police took a second look at peterson's third wife. today that trial got underway. drew peterson's murder trial is already off to a dramatic start. the former suburban chicago police officer is charged with killing his third wife, kathleen savio, who was found dead in a bathtub eight years ago. >> we're trying to stop them from framing drew. >> reporter: the jury had to be removed from the courtroom twice and the defense asked for a mistrial which was defense. the defense said kathy slipped and fell, hitting her head on the bathtub, case closed. it was originally ruled an accidental drowning but when his fourth wife disappeared, kathleen savio's body was exhumed. throughout this case peterson has displayed confidence in jail. ,ed in the courtroom, joking with his att
coverage continues with mike schuh, and crews hard at work in north baltimore. >> the epicenter of damage has now moved to north baltimore, just south of towson, and east over to parkville. there are over 1300 out-of- towners and up to 4,000 total working this storm. >> carol used to be one in a million. >> saturday, sunday, and monday. through friday. >> reporter: now, he's about 1 in 100,000. near the city line on his porch to keep cool, he may not have to read the news. he's part of the news. >> down the street and back, across the street. probably from that unit down to the end. you see that street there. >> if you look at bge's map, carol is dead center, near that orange and red dead spot, along northern parkway. >> all right. just hang tight for right now. >> reporter: so with one-third of the work force coming from out of state, carol's restoration crew comes from bge. >> so there's severe tree damage in this area. there's no task left undamaged. >> reporter: here's what this means. people just need to look in this alley in northwest baltimore. this pole snapped in half. but there'
temperatures today. mike schuh has more from north baltimore. >> reporter: here in north baltimore, i've seen crews from ontario, georgia and florida. and to put it into perspective, the crews in ontario, canada, they stop working when it hits 95 degrees. for the crews from georgia and florida, 100 degrees is just a normal day. >> reporter: the sun today is not your friend. >> it's visible. >> reporter: just ask sean kraus. he's humping bags of concrete, sand, buckles -- buckets of water and rock. >> he's in for a long, hot day. >> how do you get your mind right? >> just try not to think about it. to say the least -- you say to yourself, that's the least of your -- i mean, just keep going. try to get yourself in a little pace and pace yourself. >> reporter: in west baltimore, emergency workers get carlton davis to the hospital. he was overcome by heat. >> i had a heat stroke. and i didn't know which way was which. >> reporter: the city distributed ice and water to areas still without power. you could smell the path of the storm today in ruxton. power was restored. then last night's winds cro
and different establishments will be looking to do something unique for the olympics. live in north baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can watch the olympics zone starting this friday night starting at 7:00. the opening ceremonies at 7:30. >> still ahead, this time last week when a water main break turned several streets into a watery chaotic mess. >> drivers are still avoiding some key road does repair work continues. how long they think the repairs will last. >> get ready for purple fever. [ barks ] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to know today - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about... and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need... and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit >> commuters in downtown baltimore are dealing with rough trouble following last week's water main break. pu
. if you try to go from south to north baltimore, it is just packed and stacked. they're working diligently to try to figure out how they can get this figured out. reporting live in sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. klutzes special legislative session to expand gambling is better than rolling the dice according to governor o'malley who believes progress is being made. >> and david joins us live from the news room. >> this is a yet to be named gambling commission setting new tax breaks for gaming revenue. the senate president will be briefed at a breakfast meeting tomorrow. >> the are the low-cost special session are now better than a role of the dice. this grows from a consensus regarding a new proposal allowing to set a gambling tax rates. the seven sticking point for some house members. -- this has been a sticking point. >> this is better left to a commission to handle. they can come back and overturning it if it was never something so egregious. what they discussed it with stephanie rawlings blake who declined to speak to reporters. isaiah leggitt. >> let the gaming commission said the raid
in comes at an north baltimore. wells fargo will grant the city $3 million in annual funds for local housing initiatives. >> an employee of a colombian nonprofit is under investigation tonight after a search warrant was served on the columbia housing corporation. lowell melser joins us live from howard county police headquarters with details. >> we have been able to confirm that howard county police detectives are looking into one employee at the nonprofit columbia housing corporation. at this point they will not reveal what it is about. if you did not know where to look, you would probably miss it. tucked away in a corner lot in this industrial park in colombia is the headquarters of the columbia housing corporation. according to its web site, it is the premier nonprofit agency in howard county, providing safe, high-quality, affordable rental housing to low and moderate income families and those who are physically and mentally challenged. so why would police served a warrant their wednesday? >> we did receive an allegation of possible improper activity. we have not arrested or charg
in north baltimore, there is a road that is well traveled, it is closed. it's so dark. behind me there is a huge tree that fell on top of power lines. this is the situation we've seen throughout the state after saturday night's storms, saturday morning storms moving in to late last night. that's the situation now. we have been here and seen a ton of cars and trucks turn around. ronnie oliver has been sitting here watching the area making sure everybody knows it's not safe to travel on the road. what can you tell people? >> power lines are always -- you are not supposed to be around, we are protecting the lines. >> reporter: on a personal level you have no power. >> i don't have power right now. hopefully when i get home i will have power. >> reporter: what is that like? >> it's the worst thing in the world. >> reporter: you never seen anything like this. >> that one is bad. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. that's the situation, hundreds of thousands are without power and people have big messs to clean up. it's going to be a big story. over to sherrie johnson. >>> we are in
. >> residents in north baltimore had a tough time buying groceries. a grocery store had to turn customers away because they lost power. employees were busy salvaging whatever food they could. they still had to throw out some perishable items. they cannot begin to estimate losing. money they're >> it is a killer. we will get back. >> the government is pushing the utility companies to get the power back as soon as possible. he said the crews need to do everything they can. emergency cooling centers will remain open this week. there are now 11 throughout the city. they are listed on the screen. there is a chance some locations may change. call 311 before heading to a certain center. all public libraries will serve as cooling centers in harford county. we have a complete list of those cooling centers on our website. >> officials are asking residents to conserve water. the treatment plant has been running on generator power. use water only for the essential services. use water wisely so water tanks can refill. >> it takes a lot of energy and a lot of work for the pumps at the filtration
because they didn't have power. another problem -- residents in north baltimore had a tough time buying groceries because some businesses cannot open because they didn't have power. other businesses have to turn their customers away. they had no power because of friday's storm. employees were busy yesterday trying to salvage whatever food they could by transferring some of it to another store. but they still had to throw a lot of perishable items. the manager said he cannot begin to estimate how much money they're losing because they had no power. >> it is a killer. we have no registers, we have no power. so, you lose out in that respect, but we will get it back. >> d. g. is hoping to have power restored to all their customers by the end of the week. the governor is pushing utilities to get the power back sooner. the governor said he understood the storms came up unexpectedly but the crews need to do everything they can. hundreds of extra crews are moving in from out of state to help b.g.e. restore the power. >> the storms caused at least two deaths in maryland, both by fallen trees. a
the basement of this house in north baltimore -- aren't tarp from the basement of this house in north baltimore. >> we found roughly a 60, 70- year-old man with no life- threatening concerns. >> but what should have been a routine call took a strange turn in a hurry. >> the paramedic stepped out of the house, onto the porch. the patient and the paramedic went straight through the floor. the floor literally collapsed. >> they crashed approximately 60 below. >> she still cannot believe watching her partner disappear, and she said it seemed to happen in slow-motion. >> i am looking at them. and they were going. i just thought of yelling. "that is my partner." i could see him down in the floor and i could see he was ok. it is crazy. >> he was able to get out and did not take long to get the victim not either. thean was living illegally in that house that still has a for sale sign on it. it is a house that has been condemned, and not just because of this condemned -- this gaping hole. this one is a new one for this paramedic. >> i have herded. i have never seen it. but i just witnessed it today. >>
on the way ii looked... it really coulddhave been worse. live in north baltimore, joel d. smith, fox 45 mornnng news. it took 9 days to restoree phousand households.that - the day:are you satisfied withh bge'' responss timm for restoring power to all customees?we'll take your calls in our 7 o'clock hour. you cannalso gooto foo-baltimore dot om and tell us what you think... sound off &pthrough acebook oo send ussa tweet.. at foxbaatimore. you're wakinggup to what some are callingg n innernet doommday.dangerous malware the internet today. pith more n how tt know if your computer is infected. good morninggpatriie,if your computer s infected... you won't be able toocheck you mail this morning... pay your wwb.this maliiioos alware is w- called "d-n-s changer"... it was first discovereddin 2000. but when the f-b-i busted the &phackers lasttyear... agents realized that f thee turned off the malicious servers.... victims wouud lose internett they set up temporary servers.... but that safey net xpired at midnight. leaving thousands offinternet proviiers are bracing to take help
and was an avid swimmer. part of the north baltimore aquatic club. no word on what caused the crash. we're working to learn more about a possible drowning late this afternoon in cecil county. skyteam 11 was above the scene. officials say that a man's body was pulled from the water after he apparently jumped overboard from his boat and did not resurface at the cliff in the marina. emergency crews administered cpr and transported the man to union hospital in eltokton. >> an investigation is underway into a fire that broke out this morning on linwood avenue and spread to nearby buildings. we're told three medics were dispatched to the scene. investigators say this is not the first time this home has ignited in flames. no word yet on what started blaze. baltimore city. the fire chief is of for a raise. the mayor is proposing a salary increase but the union representing firefighters and officers claim such a request right now is ridiculous. barry simms joins us from city hall with more. >> the union leaders cannot believe it. they want to know how this is being proposed to the fire chief when the city
... searching for answers ... in... the death ...of a woman... in... north baltimore. baltimore.the... victim's... body... was found... on... 29th street... saturday, ... at the ...wyman house..../ residents... say... they told... management... about ...a.. foul smell... coming from of the apartments,... as... early... as... july 16th...//.the... woman, ...who neighbors call... "christie",.../ . was... found... in a man's... apartment. maxine: 18.30 "i couldn't sleep lastnight, cause that was on my mind. mmm hmm."al mcclendon: 14.50 "she had just moved in about six months ago, but i don't really know nothing about her." her."et thomas ferguson: 4.49 "she was always upbeat and friendly. she was never a troublemaker that i could tell." tell."police... have a person... of interest,.../ but... no charges have been filed. a... string of robberies... in anne arundel county.../ all... within... four days... of each other.../. july 18--th... four... armed... suspects... robbed a... 7--11... near... annapolis and disney road.../. polic
, the price of a gas has increased. increased.paul gessler is streaming live from north baltimore to tell us how people are dealing with the midsummer roller coaster ride. paul-- people i spoke with today saw this coming...just last month, gas was 10 cents cheaper, saving most people a couple bucks a fill-up.we're live on 41st street, where the price of a gallon of regular unleaded is 3.45 at the royal farms behind me. me.that's a few cents less than the maryland average of 3.47.a year ago, it was 3.70 a has some people using websites and social networking to find the cheapest gas. mike delahoz, baltimore: "it's pretty annoying. i had to look up online what the cheapest price is in this area to pay." junior bryant, alabama: "wish i could put some water (in here) or something. gas is just ridiculous."larrice harris, baltimore: "putting $25 in right now and putting more in tomorrow, just trying to space it out. i can't give them all my money all at once." once."at stations up and down york road, just a couple miles away from here...we found prices in the 3-30 range.. analysts at trip
in northern baltimore county on the i-83 corridor. commuters headed north. we'll be tracking it to see if this thing intensifies. >>> for tens of thousands of our neighbors, the number of people who have not had their pour restored is just under 40,000. baltimore county more than 19,000 and or than 10,000 are still out in the city. remember, anywith still no power call bge at 877-778-2222. so how do you think the power company is doing. the maryland public utilities commission writes their report card. they expect companies to provide all the details about this. >> companies have to report to us starting from, again, the weather forecast, their preparations for deployment around the storm, the execution against the storm restoration plans, their customer performance, every single element of the prediction effort has to be reported to us. >> the power company has three weeks. if you have comments or complaints, send them to the commission. public hearings will be held. >>> on the seventh day there will be power because the last six you have been switched off, ticked off. as roosevelt le
with mike schuh in north baltimore, where the heat is making things very difficult. >> reporter: here in north baltimore, i've seen crews from ontario, florida and georgia. and to put it into perspective, the crews from ontario, canada, they stop working when it hits 95 degrees. for the crews from georgia and florida, 100 degrees is just a normal day. >> reporter: the sun today is not your friend. >> it's visible. >> reporter: just ask sean kraus. he's humping bags of concrete, sand, buckets of water, and rock. >> he's in for a long, hot day. >> how do you get your mind right? >> just try not to think about it. to say the least. i mean, if you stop -- that's the least of your -- i mean, you just keep going. try to get yourself in a little pace. and pace yourself. >> reporter: in west baltimore, emergency workers get carlton davis to the hospital. he was overcome by heat. >> i had a heat stroke. and i didn't know which way was which. >> reporter: the city distributed ice and water to the city without power. you could smell the storm today in ruxton. power was restored. then last night'
hours before the crash. >> reporter: alex swam for the north baltimore aquatics club and was a senior at the mcdonough school. he spoke with wjz last summer about his business making art from duct tape. those close to him said his dedication was inspireing. >> all the guys knew he was going to be there. he was the quiet leader by example. >> reporter: now the pool feels empty, for the first time alex not. >> reporter: alex has been swimming since he was six years old. both of his parents and his two brothers are also swimmers. reporting life, megan mccorcal, wjz. >> in lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations to swim america. >>> coach joe paterno defends his football legacy from beyond the grave. pennsylvania to know writes that his abuse of boys should not tarnish penn state's reputation or take -- that jerry sandusky's abuse of boys should not detract from the school's football history history. the report will be released tomorrow at 9 a.m. >>> city and county leaders had tough questions for local utility companies after the storms left thousands without power for a week
cavanaugh is live in north baltimore with the latest. >> officials tell us there are about 300 liquor stores in baltimore city, about a third of which are located in residential areas. now several city agencies want to change the loopholes that allow liquor stores to operate in neighborhoods, all in the interest of making those neighborhood safer, they say. >> he caters to divert clientele at his mount vernon liquor store. his father started the business 45 years ago when he emigrated from korea. the city estimates that 90% of neighborhood liquor stores are owned by korean americans. the new zoning proposal would make that business model obsolete. >> it is their retirement. you cannot just take that away with no compensation. >> poor public health outcomes and more violent crimes are associated with these neighborhoods that have concentrations of liquor outlets. >> he says stores like his villain need in the neighborhood, often operating despite criminal activity. >> people that are brought up in that environment are not going to change because there is no liquor store. >> hundreds of custom
in hamilton, blocking in these people we've been telling you about in north baltimore. dealing with it isn't easy, especially when you have unscrupulous contractors, all of them hoping to make a quick buck. unfortunately, they have already arrived. >> we had a lot of people trying to hustle up, pay money if they move this. i know they can't move it because they don't have the right equipment. >> reporter: okay. who is allowed to move this stuff? we spoke to two very important agencies, dllr which regulates contractors in the state of maryland. they say your best bet is to wait, to get estimates from legitimate reputable contracts. if they're not licensed, you're taking your chances. if you go with a licensed contractor, if something goes wrong there's a state fund where you can get some of your money back. licensed tree removal trees are licensed by the state through dnr. they have to have a license to deal with this sort of stuff. you can search that on the website and find out everything you need to know. these are tons of fly by neat operations. they are storm chasers that come after a
of north baltimore who are anxious for action. action. 3 p3for action. action. we have been getting hundreds of pictures from our fox45 viewers ... when news happens.....see it, shoot itt baltimore ddttcom. here are just a few ff them. this one was sent to us from melanie. wo reesshave fallen one on too of a house... even the roots of the tree haae been lifted.. 3 from sarah. this poor carrdidn't stand a chance against those massive trees anddbranches. the damage... and parts of the side of the car is smashed in. 33 sarah.... its a m - close up here of this car that pooks pretty much totaled. you can see the branches from the trees lifted the sun roof open. &p&p and our very o melinda roeder sent this pic in of bge trying to restore power. you can still see parts of debris from trees still in the middle of the street when yoo see news happeeing, see it shoot it and send it. become part of the fox45 news aheaa of the storm.ep you many peopleein the d-c area... are still dealing wiih power ou
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